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Executive Director's Corner

Matt Miller, Director of the Rome Rescue Mission

This is a great opportunity to share the positive things that are going on here at the Mission. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you for your support of our work.

Next year will be the twentieth year I have worked for you as the Director or Executive Director of Rome Rescue Mission. I am in as much awe today as I was then of the generous spirit and true compassion our communities have for the people we serve! We live in a very difficult time and know the sacrifices you make in order to support us.

Our slogan, "A Hand up, Not A Hand Out" exemplifies wisdom of self-sufficiency for all people that come through our doors looking for a better life. Our ability to provide food, shelter, and clothing is only possible by God's Grace and your support!

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I came to the shelter scared and alone. The people here really care about me! I never knew that people who didn't even know me could care about me before I did...

- Mary


When I first came to the Rome Rescue Mission, I was scared because my mom and I had no place to live. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was in a great place. Today, I feel safe for the first time...

- Jessie (age 12)